Our courses are delivered in 3 different formats:

1. e-learning courses

We have over a 1000 e-learning courses. These courses include training materials and assessments that learners can engage with at any time, at their own convenience. Our e-learning courses currently comprised of business and IT courses. These courses include Microsoft Office Specialist preparation courses, Windows, Computer Fundamentals, Adobe Acrobat, Google G-Suite, Sales and Marketing, Internet Marketing, Human Resource, Career Development, Workplace Essentials, Trainer's Training and Business Writing courses among others.

2. Blended-Learning Classroom Workshops

We also offer traditional classroom style workshops combined with e-learning resources to produce the most effective learning methodology, also known as blended learning. Blended learning has proven to be the most effective learning methodology. These sessions are scheduled periodically and delivered from our Knowledge Transfer Centre in Infotech Africa Limited. The sessions are designed to give the learner a more engaging and effective learning experience by providing the added benefit of face-to-face interaction between learners and instructors. Blended learning is also referred to as computer-supported collaborative learning.

3. Virtual Blended-Learning Classroom Workshops

This distance learning solution designed for learners who desire a more engaging and effective learning experience but cannot attend the LIVE classroom sessions. This solution gives the learner the opportunity to attend LIVE classroom session without physically being in the classroom, therefore, providing all the benefits of the traditional classroom style and convenience of e-learning resources. It is delivered through a LIVE stream of the actual classroom session which is being recorded.

4. Learning and Content Management Solutions

EasyLearn is also available as a Learning and Content Management System (LCMS) solution as part of our premium client program to organisations seeking a more dynamic learning and content management solution. This service is best suited for public/private organisations and education institutions looking to take advantage of the LCMS solution in order to create and/or convert existing training materials into e-learning content to deliver to their own audience. Our LCMS allows one to LIVE edit courses and instantaneously upload word and PowerPoint files onto the learning management system. The content management system provides system administrators with the ability to manage users and crucial data such as sales analytics, generate accurate reports, news feed management among many others.

About us

What is EasyLearn?

EasyLearn is a premium distance learning solution designed to enhance the learning experience using technology. It features engaging and interactive online courses. Our courses have been developed and tested by globally renowned education experts. Our courses are delivered through one of the world’s best, most intuitive and user friendly learning management systems.

We offer courses in business, computer skills and various other soft-skill courses that are essential to the work place. The skills obtained from these courses are applicable in any working environment, furthermore, they enhance the learner's knowledge base providing them with the necessary skills required to complete various tasks more efficiently within the workplace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the learning experience by using technology to create more engaging, cost effective and engaging learning solutions for learners and learning facilitators alike. We strive to provide the highest quality, relevant and effective online training solutions to our clients.

Features include:

a) Conversion Tools

Our direct-to-eLearning technology allows you to converts any PowerPoint or word files into instant e-learning.

b) Messenger

The inbuilt messenger system enables students to be able to interact with the lecturer and with other students taking the same course simultaneously. Start a course and keep in touch with your students with having to leave the EasyLearn.

c) Branding

EasyLearn allows you to completely rebrand the platform enabling you to use your own logo, colours and a custom domain for your login. Your brand is the focus not ours.

d) User Grouping

Group students and instructors together to make assigning courses, viewing reports and opening chat rooms effortles.s

e) Quiz Builder

Review, retention and reinforce concepts easily with EasyLearn’s quiz builder tool. Add SCORM-Compliant tests, exams assessment and quizzer to your courses. All quizzes are automatically displayed in the reporting.

f) Real Time Grading

Let EasyLearn automatically grade your simple questions. Test your student’s comprehension and push them to study the content more in-depth at their own pace.

g) Cloud-Based

EasyLearn is stored completely in cloud. This means you do not need to host any hardware or software and student’s consistent access and speed right out of the box.

h) Intuitive

EasyLearn editing tools are very easy to use and reminiscent of popular technologies such as Microsoft word.

These are just a few of the features offered by our LCMS solution. EasyLearn grants both students and learning facilitator’s access to a wide range of technological resources that can help create a more effective, engaging and enjoyable learning environment and significant cost savings for the organisation at large.